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Friday, May 18, 2018

Can an injury in bone cause cancer in your body

Can an injury in bone cause cancer in your body

1. No, never.

Causes of Cancer

1. Chronic & severe constipation [+ heavy quantum of accumulated feces in the rectum & the large intestine] with a displaced solar plexus. Bad diet with pizzas, burgers, deep freeze and deep fried chicken/pork/hot dogs, high rich calorie diets-obesity, etc. As a result, most of the Americans/Europeans are cancer victims due to chronic constipation issues.
3. Hormonal imbalance. Hormone Therapy with steroids after Menopause.
4. Heavy exposure to asbestos, pollution from industrial wastes, tobacco consumption and or smoking. Pesticides, chlorene, fluoride, msg, are carcinogenic.
5. Chronic & Unhealed allergies, wounds/injuries caused by bacterial/viral/metabolic syndromes/diseases with blocked energy + toxins in any internal organ.
6. Sexual promiscuity, Perverted anal/oral sex, hetero-sex [not mono-sex], homosex amongst transgenders, resulting in chronic and unhealed STDs/infections/wounds/injuries, etc., bad personal hygiene [not washing gonads after coitus] & indiscriminate consumption of birth control pills 'with no' medical supervision by endocrinologist/gynecologist/physician.

The Anatomy of Cancer
 Image Source-www.cancercenter.com

7. Chronic Stress & Strain.
8. Lack of exercise & ever increasing obese bodies.
9. Out of every 10 lung cancer patients, 9 are smokers. Tobacco dipping, chewing and smoking [pot]/hukka by females hasten menopause and for the males lung/throat/esophageal/oral cancer assured—an American study published in WebMD.com.
10. Regular consumption of ‘colas’ with heavy doses of insecticides, freely available in India. Regular & excessive alcohol consumption. If staple diet/food includes pizzas, burgers, deep freezed and deep fried chicken, mutton, pork cured meat, etc.
11. Skin Cancer Exposure to Sun’s rays @ odd hours [90 minutes after sunrise, beyond 60 minutes before sunset and anytime during strong winds] and excessive exposure to radiation emanating from cell phones, transmission towers, etc., Tattooing is carcinogenic. 24/7-- Wearing of bra by the modern woman. In the 'Bra and Breast Cancer Study' in the United States , It was discovered that women with breast cancer had a history of sporting tighter and longer bra-wearing than did the women who had not (yet) developed the disease. In fact, virtually the entire cancer group wore bras over 12 hours. When a woman wears a tight bra, she subjects her breasts to pressure, closing off the lymphatic pathway from the breast to the nodes. This causes fluid built-up swelling, tenderness and cyst formation. Toxins must be flushed out via the lymphatic. However, a bra-constricted breast cannot adequately perform this cleansing process, resulting in toxin accumulation in the breast.
12. Late marriages and late pregnancies, avoiding breast feeding the child—breast cancer.
13. Genetic pre-dispositions with more cancer striken breast cancer predecessors.
14. A displaced Solar Plexus is felt by all cancer patients- If You have a displaced solar plexus, which requires replacement, How to diagnose it? Put both your little fingers side by side and join the lines in your palms exactly accurate. Check the edges of your little fingers, you can find out that one is up and another is down. CANCER/HIV/INCURABLE STDs +


a. Beware of Cancer Symptoms: Sudden loss of weight/stamina, anemia, unbearable pains in any organ despite medication, neuralgia, getting extremely tired for a little or no work, loss of appetite, unhealed wound in any part of the body for years together, chronic constipation, chronic hemorrhages, hemoptysis, etc. Cancer may affect from any organ to any organ[s]/system[s].
b. Prevention is feasible by avoiding the causes cited.

Cure is feasible by Target Therapy.

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